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Transforming your outdoor entertaining space is easy with Trimlight, an energy-efficient LED lighting system that combines functionality and beauty to brighten your home and your property. From stylish channel lights to charming globe lights, our versatile systems provide limitless options for enhancing your backyard ambiance, perfect for gatherings and unwinding after a busy day. Discover the endless possibilities of using Trimlight in your backyard and enhance your outdoor lighting experience this summer!

Channel Lights and Downlights for Beauty and Safety
Two popular outdoor lighting options are the Trimlight channel lights and downlights, designed to provide soft, ambient lighting that enhances the beauty of your outdoor living spaces. The channel lights and the downlights attach to your home’s roofline and are a perfect choice for adding light over a covered patio or deck to create a warm and inviting setting for outdoor dining or evening relaxation.

If you have railings along your outdoor space, you can improve visibility at night by adding the Trimlight channel lights to your railings. This adds a layer of safety for your family and guests while also elevating the look of your backyard. Additionally, boat owners can benefit from Trimlight by adding the channel lights on boat dock railings, making it easier to guide your way back home after a day on the water.

Globe Lights for Extra Ambiance
Create a cozy atmosphere in your backyard with Trimlight’s globe lights. Strung overhead, these lights infuse your outdoor space with a warm, inviting glow, perfect for enhancing patios, fire pits, pools, and hot tub areas. Whether used in conjunction with channel lights and downlights or as a standalone lighting option, our globe lights add a touch of charm to your outdoor oasis.

Customize your Lights for Every Occasion
One of the standout features of Trimlight is that your lights are easily customizable with the Trimlight Edge app. Within seconds, you can change your light colors by choosing from millions of color options to suit any occasion or mood. The app’s user-friendly color selection tool allows you to adjust the color and see results in real time, or you can type in RGB color codes if you have a precise color in mind. This is especially helpful if you want to light up your backyard with the colors of your favorite sports team when hosting a game day gathering! 

From small family BBQs to extravagant holiday gatherings, you can effortlessly set the mood with outdoor lights tailored to fit the theme of your event. Imagine a patriotic color scheme for Memorial Day and the 4th of July with your backyard glowing in red, white, and blue to honor the occasion. The Trimlight app has many pre-built color patterns to choose from, or you can design your own and create a festive atmosphere for your guests. You can learn more about creating color patterns by reading one of our recent blog posts.

Sync Your Lights to Tunes
Take your outdoor entertainment to the next level by connecting your Trimlight system to music, allowing you to synchronize the lighting with your favorite tunes. Set the vibe for any gathering or simply unwind to the rhythm of your music as the lights dance in harmony, creating a captivating lighting experience. Whether you’re hosting a lively celebration or enjoying a quiet evening outdoors, Trimlight’s music integration feature adds an extra layer of ambiance to your outdoor space.

Incorporating Trimlight in your backyard adds appeal to the look of your outdoor living area, elevates your overall experience, and makes every moment feel magical! Ready to install Trimlight for your home and backyard? Contact our East Tennessee Trimlight team today for a quote.