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Installed Once, Enjoyed for Years

With Trimlight’s innovative permanent outdoor lights, you never have to worry about installing exterior lights again. We offer three signature Trimlight products that can be professionally installed on your home or business exterior and enjoyed for years. Our Trimlight system pairs with the Trimlight Edge app which allows you to customize your outdoor lighting for every occasion and purpose. Program your lights to create a dazzling light display for the holidays or a cozy environment for relaxing outside. You can do it all with Trimlight!

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Channel Lights

Trimlight’s channel lighting system is our most popular product. The system comes in multiple color options to match your home or building’s exterior and creates a clean look that is almost invisible during the day. The channel lights can be controlled individually, so you decide where you do and do not want light.


Trimlight downlights are a great choice for home security or accent lighting with the added benefit of being able to install the downlights anywhere on the building. They are a softer lighting solution that can be installed on any building surface. Install only a few or many to accent your home or business’s features.

Globe Lights

Trimlight globe lights are similar to the style of traditional outdoor cafe lighting but offer many more customization options. We can install Trimlight globe lights on your outdoor space, and you can customize them to create the perfect environment for relaxing or entertaining.

East TN Permanent Lighting Solution

Key Trimlight Benefits

East TN Trimlight

Easily Programmable & Versatile

Design your perfect lighting look, sync your lights to music, and set a custom schedule from anywhere with the cloud-based Trimlight Edge app.

East TN Trimlight

Barely Visible By Day

Our Trimlight products come in multiple colors, and we use a variety of attachment methods to blend into your exterior surfaces while leaving no visible wires.

East TN Trimlight

Durable & Energy Efficient

Every Trimlight lighting product is designed to endure difficult weather conditions and last 10x longer than traditional lighting products.

East TN Trimlight

Installed by Professionals

Our professional lighting technicians will help you choose the right product color, install your lights, and provide initial app setup support.

East TN Trimlight

Lifetime Product Warranty

Your new lights come with a lifetime product warranty on all parts and a 1-year labor warranty to cover repairs on any defective components.

East TN Trimlight

Exceptional Customer Service

We want you to be 100% happy with your Trimlight system and are happy to answer any questions and address any concerns you have now or after you make your purchase.

East TN Trimlight

Safe & Secure

Avoid potential accidents with ladders and slippery roofs by never installing lights again.

How Does the App Work?

The Trimlight Edge app offers many customization options including color selection, light patterns, schedules, timers, and music coordination.

Trimlight EDGE Custom Palette Tutorial

Trimlight EDGE Music Function Tutorial

Trimlight EDGE Timers and Schedule Tutorial

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Our Service Area

East Tennessee Trimlight is proud to be your trusted exterior lighting company! We cater to both residential and commercial customers throughout East Tennessee and extending into North Georgia. Our major markets include Knoxville, Chattanooga, and their surrounding counties. If you have questions about Trimlight or want to know if we service your location, please reach out to our team.

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