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May brings an array of festivities and celebrations, making it the perfect time to make the most of your Trimlight system. By easily changing the color and pattern of your outdoor lights, you can decorate your surroundings for upcoming holidays and special occasions. Let’s explore four ways you can light up the month of May with Trimlight!

Cinco de Mayo
Turn your home into a fiesta of colors when you decorate for Cinco de Mayo with Trimlight! Cinco de Mayo is a lively celebration that honors Mexican culture and heritage, and you can illuminate your home with a dazzling display of colors, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a joyful Mexican fiesta. Draw inspiration from the vibrant colors adorned by many during the celebration including yellow, orange, blue, and pink, or keep your colors traditional with red, green, and white – the colors of the Mexican flag. Whether showcasing your family heritage or hosting a Cinco de Mayo celebration, Trimlight makes outdoor decorating easy.

Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day is a special day to honor and appreciate the incredible mothers in our lives. Suppose you’re hosting Mom for a celebratory brunch or want to show appreciation for your wife, friend, or family member. In that case, you can create a warm, inviting atmosphere expressing your love and gratitude. If you know the favorite colors of the honoree, make them feel extra special by creating a custom light pattern in their favorite colors. If you aren’t sure of their favorite colors, try a soft palette with spring colors like pink, lavender, or pastel shades. If you’re buying flowers for Mother’s Day, use the beautiful blooms as inspiration for your light pattern!

Graduation season is all about celebrating achievements and new beginnings. With Trimlight, you can create a celebratory ambiance that highlights the achievements of the graduates in your life. Customize your lighting display with your graduate’s school colors or colors representing their future school. You can even schedule your lights to come on after the graduation ceremony to welcome your graduate home. Whether you’re having a small celebration or a graduation bash, let Trimlight be a beacon of pride and celebration for this memorable milestone.

Memorial Day
On Memorial Day, we pay tribute to the brave men and women who have sacrificed for our country. With Trimlight, you can honor our heroes by creating a patriotic atmosphere to honor their memory. Display the United States flag colors with Trimlight, alternating between red, white, and blue. The app includes a pre-built patriotic light pattern perfect for the Memorial Day holiday, or you can customize your pattern. To elevate your outdoor decor for the holiday, add symbolic elements like flags, wreaths, or POW-MIA emblems to create a meaningful tribute to our heroes.

Trimlight provides a versatile and innovative way to decorate throughout May. Whether you’re commemorating Cinco de Mayo, honoring mothers on Mother’s Day, applauding graduates, or paying homage to our fallen heroes on Memorial Day, Trimlight allows you to transform your space with ease and creativity. Interested in installing Trimlight for your home or business? East Tennessee Trimlight serves customers throughout Knoxville and the surrounding counties. Contact us today for a quote.