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East TN Trimlight

Every business owner wants to provide a great experience for their customers, and this experience begins before your customers walk in the door. With Trimlight’s permanent outdoor lighting, your business will create a great first impression, and the glow from the lights will catch the eyes of your customers as they drive or walk by! If you are considering adding outdoor lighting to your business this year, read on to learn why lighting from East Tennessee Trimlight is the perfect choice.

Create an Inviting Outdoor Ambiance
Trimlight’s channel lighting system can quickly transform your business exterior. This discrete system seamlessly attaches to the soffits along your roofline, effortlessly blending in with your trim and remaining almost invisible during daylight hours. The channel system is perfect for brightening up your business sign and entry, and the lights can be customized with millions of colors easily with the Trimlight Edge app. Whether you prefer a timeless warm white glow or want to match the lights to your brand colors, the possibilities are endless.

If your business has an outdoor seating area, we also recommend our Trimlight globe lights. These string lights are similar to traditional cafe lighting, but they offer all the same great customization features you find with the Trimlight channel light system. Ideal for restaurants, coffee shops, and bars with outdoor dining spaces, as well as event and concert venues, these globe lights are great for many outdoor areas. With a well-lit environment to enjoy their evening, customers will be likely to stay longer and enjoy everything your business has to offer. Add one or both lighting systems to your business, and your customers will enjoy the added ambiance of your outdoor lights.

Easily Decorate for Holidays, Game Days & Events
The holiday season is busy for many business owners, but you can make yours a little less stressful this year. As soon as your Trimlight outdoor lighting system is installed, holiday decorating becomes instantly faster and easier. The Trimlight Edge app comes pre-programmed with many holiday lighting patterns. Whether it’s turning your lights red, white, and blue for the 4th of July, casting an eerie orange and purple glow for Halloween, or infusing a festive spirit with green and red for Christmas, a few taps on your phone is all it takes to decorate. There are patterns available for the most commonly celebrated holidays, and you can also create your own patterns to celebrate any holiday of your choice!

In addition to holidays, you can customize your outdoor lights for game days and special events. If your town’s favorite team is playing or you are showing the game at your establishment, let customers know by creating a light pattern in the team colors. Save your patterns in the app, so you can quickly access them in the future, and schedule your lights in advance with the calendar feature to plan ahead for every upcoming game day and event.

Improve Security for Customers and Staff
Customers and employees should feel safe at your business, and you can ensure they do by providing ample safety and security lighting along your business exterior. The Trimlight channel system is not only great for ambiance, it’s also perfect for security. If your business features stairs, ramps, or decks with railings, consider incorporating channel lights along the underside of the rails. This illuminates the pathways to and from your business, providing a well-lit and safer experience for customers. 

Another great outdoor lighting choice for security is our downlights. The Trimlight downlights have the appearance of can lighting with many customization features. They work well as a stand-alone lighting solution or paired with other Trimlight products. In contrast to the channel lights, downlights emit a more focused and direct light, making them ideal for brightening up shadowy corners and providing added security to back doors. This is especially beneficial for areas where your employees may take breaks or attend to closing-time tasks.

It’s time to get your business noticed with outdoor lighting from East Tennessee Trimlight. You can count on us to create a safe, inviting ambiance with our high-quality, energy-efficient outdoor lighting. Contact us today to get a quote for your business.