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East TN Trimlight

The spookiest day of the year is right around the corner, and your Trimlight outdoor lighting system can help you make your home eerie-sistible for Halloween trick-or-treaters! Trimlight is a programmable, permanent outdoor lighting solution that can be customized for holidays, security and so much more. With a user-friendly app, Trimlight lets you create beautiful outdoor lighting displays for your home in minutes without the hassle of climbing up and down a ladder.

Trimlight is great for Halloween decorating! The lighting system’s app comes pre-programmed with a Halloween pattern, or you can create your own pattern to match your outdoor Halloween decor. With millions of color possibilities, several animations and the ability to sync your Trimlight with spooky music, your house will be the most goulish-ly good-looking one on the block. 

Need inspiration for incorporating your Trimlight lighting system into your outdoor Halloween decor? Explore these five spooky themes for Halloween. For each theme, we’ve included recommended colors you can use to create a custom pattern, an animation effect for spooky ambiance, music ideas you can sync your lights to on Halloween night and additional decorating tips specific to each theme.

Theme: Witch Way to the Candy
You can’t go wrong with a classic witch theme this Halloween!
Trimlight color combination: Purple & Green
Trimlight animation: Rebound
Music Suggestions
I Cast a Spell on You by PattyCake
Witches on Halloween by Bounce Patrol
Girls Cast Spell by Mark Mothersbaugh
Additional Decorating Ideas
Serve your Halloween candy from a cauldron
Create easy witches for your yard.

Theme 2: A Boo-tiful Night for Fright
All the ghosts come out on Halloween night, so make them feel welcome!
Trimlight color combination: White
Trimlight animation: Comet
Music Suggestions
Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr.
Halloweentown (Original Soundtrack) by Mark Mothersbaugh
Grim, Grinning Ghosts by The Melomen
Additional Decorating Ideas
Create hanging ghosts for your yard.
Make easy ghost garland.

Theme 3: Working the Graveyard Shift
Wake the dead with this fun Halloween theme!
Trimlight color combination: Black (blank), Blue & Green
Trimlight animation: Snake
Music Suggestions
Thriller by Micheal Jackson
Stranger Things by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein
Spooky, Scary Skeletons by Andrew Gold
Additional Decorating Ideas
Make foam tombstones for your yard.
Create a funny skeleton display.

Theme 4: Orange you glad it’s Halloween?
Orange is East Tennessee’s favorite color, and it works great for Halloween!
Trimlight color combination: Orange & Black (blank)
Trimlight animation: Pulse
Music Suggestions
Halloween Theme – Main Title by John Carpenter
This is Halloween by The Citizens of Halloweentown
Goosebumps Original Theme Song by Jack Lenz
Additional Decorating Tips
Make easy sidewalk lanterns.
Paint candy corn colored pumpkins.

Theme 5: Fangs for the Memories
Sink your teeth into this Halloween theme!
Trimlight color combination: Red & Purple
Trimlight animation: Wave
Music Suggestions
Monster Mash by Bobby “Boris” Pickett
Spooky Bats by Derek Fiechter
The Boogie Monster by Gnarls Barkley 
Additional Decorating Ideas
Make paper hanging bats.
Make a Halloween street sign from scrap wood.

We hope you find inspiration from our Halloween themes. Make sure to tag East Tennessee Trimlight on Facebook and Instagram so we can see your spooky decor!