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Orange and white outdoor lights

In East Tennessee, we love football! We devote our Saturdays to tailgating and hosting watch parties with family and friends. If your home becomes the “fan zone” for every big game, let us show you how to simplify your decorating while taking your tailgating to the next level with customizable outdoor lighting from East Tennessee Trimlight.

Customize your outdoor lighting with any team’s colors.

We know many of our Knoxville customers cheer on the Tennessee Volunteers! If you’re a Vol fan too, you can customize your Trimlight with eye-catching orange and white patterns. Cheering on another team? Trimlight features millions of color possibilities thanks to RGB color technology. Whether you prefer crimson, navy blue or green, you can use the Trimlight Edge app to customize your lights with any team’s color scheme. After you create your lighting pattern, make sure to save it in your pattern library. Check out this video to learn more about customizing your Trimlight colors.

Add game day ambiance to your pool party or cookout.

Trimlight globe lights can completely change the look and feel of your outdoor entertaining space. Unlike our channel and downlights which are meant to be discreetly attached to your home’s exterior, globe lights can be strung from point to point to provide a beautiful glow in the night sky. If you prefer to watch or listen to the game while taking a dip in the pool, relaxing in the hot tub, or flipping burgers on the grill, you’ll love the outdoor game day ambiance you can create by customizing the Tirimlight globe lights with your team’s colors. 

Schedule your outdoor lighting ahead of game time.

The Trimlight Edge app calendar feature makes managing your lights easy! The calendar allows you to choose which days to display specific light patterns. This is great for holiday lighting, and it can be used for game days too! Once you know your team’s schedule, create your game day pattern and schedule it for every day they play. You can also use the app’s timer feature to set the times you want your game day lights to turn on and off.

Celebrate the local school teams too!

Collegiate and professional athletes aren’t the only ones taking to the field this fall. If your child plays fall sports, you know those games can often feel more important than anything you watch on TV. Support your child’s team by customizing your Trimlight LED lights with their school colors. If their team wins a big game, you can even turn on your Trimlight from the car to make them feel extra celebrated when they arrive home that evening.

We know we mentioned a lot of great app features! Here’s a peek at the Trimlight Edge app interface. You can learn more about the app on our resources page.

Trimlight Edge App Examples

Ready to celebrate every game, holiday and special occasion with customizable outdoor lighting? Our East Tennessee Trimlight team is ready to help. Contact us today to get a quote for your home.