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Trimlight permanent LED lighting for security

Trimlight permanent LED lighting can ward off unwanted trespassers and improve the safety and security of your home or business. While you will find many outdoor security lighting options on the shelves of your local home improvement store, the best solution to security lighting is a custom solution. At East Tennessee Trimlight, our products are designed with safety and security in mind. Here are a few reasons why Trimlight is the perfect choice for your home or business!

Choose our downlights and/or our channel light design.

We offer two security lighting solutions that can be installed separately or together to brighten your home or business; downlights and channel lights. Our downlights resemble traditional can lighting and are installed on soffits. Our channel lights are long sections of lights that can be installed on rooflines, deck rails, and many other outdoor surfaces. Downlights allow you to have bright, direct light in specific areas, while channel lights allow you to customize the amount of light by controlling the number of lights you turn on in a section. Both options work well for security, and we can help you choose which permanent LED lighting option is best for your home or building.

Add new lighting without rewiring.

Getting light to dark areas of your home or business can be challenging if proper wiring wasn’t installed during construction, but our signature design makes it easy to install lights without tearing into your walls. Trimlight LED lights can be installed on any outdoor surface. Install Trimlight along your roofline to brighten dark areas, add lights to railings to make walking stairs safer, or brighten your boat dock for better visibility when coming home from a day at the lake. 

Select your perfect light color.

Have you ever purchased light bulbs only to find the color of the light just didn’t look right once installed? That is never a problem with Trimlight because you can customize the color of your outdoor lights with a few taps in the Trimlight Edge app! For security lighting, many of our customers choose a soft white or a bright white. Both of these white lighting options are pre-programmed in the Trimlight Edge app so you can easily choose your preference. You can also choose from millions of colorful options if you want to decorate for an upcoming holiday, special occasion, or game day!

Set timers to work with your schedule.

Every aspect of your Trimlight system can be controlled from the palm of your hand, including when your lights turn on and off. By using the timer feature of the Trimlight Edge smartphone app, you can set your outdoor lights on a schedule that works for you. This prevents your lights from being accidentally left on for hours or days, which can increase your power bill and decrease the life expectancy of your lights. Need to change your schedule while you’re away from home? You can control your lights from anywhere with the Trimlight Edge app.

Trust Trimlight’s durability.

Our LED lights are energy efficient and durable so you can enjoy them for many years! Since our lights attach to your home or business, they are secure enough to withstand high winds, adverse weather conditions, and attempted removal by trespassers. The diodes used in the design are also completely waterproof, and the aluminum channel sections block harmful ultraviolet rays.

Don’t sacrifice design.

Trimlight is designed to be nearly invisible during the day, so you do not have to sacrifice your home’s exterior appeal to have great lighting. Our downlights and channel lights use aluminum components that come in a variety of color options to match your structure’s design. We also take great care during installation to ensure any wires are discreetly hidden. Trimlight will only elevate your curb appeal!

When you’re ready to improve the safety and security of your home or business, call our East Tennessee Trimlight team at 865-350-6160 or request a quote through our website.