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Red, white, and blue lights on a house's roofline.

The 4th of July is one of the most meaningful American holidays, and there are many ways to celebrate! You can host a cookout for your family and friends, head out for a day at the lake, attend a local parade and watch fireworks light up the sky. No matter how you plan to celebrate Independence Day, let us show you how you can use your Trimlight to express your patriotic spirit with a stunning light display in seconds.

Trimlight's pre-made alternating red, white and blue light pattern on a house's roofline.

Save time with our ready-made Independence Day light pattern.

Decorating with your Trimlight permanent lights is easy. The Trimlight Edge app has a pre-designed red, white, and blue Independence Day pattern. With a few taps in the app, your home will have impressive Patriotic curb appeal for the 4th of July. The prebuilt pattern alternates red, white, and blue every five light bulbs. We’ve included an example of this pattern for you above. The Independence Day pattern is just one of the 180 LED light patterns you can choose from in the Trimlight Edge, so you can plan ahead for every holiday this year!

If you want to stretch your creative muscles, you can also design your own Patriotic light pattern. Begin by customizing the Independence Day pattern, or start a new pattern from scratch. Once you create a pattern you like, save it for easy access in the future.

Connect to your 4th of July playlist to create a dazzling Patriotic light show.

Wow your neighbors and house guests by connecting your Trimlight to music. Your LED lights will sync to the musical beat creating an eye-catching light show. Your lights can be connected to music in three ways using the Trimlight Edge app. The first way to connect to music is by using the player option. This option allows you to select music downloaded directly to your phone’s music library. The second way to connect to music is through the mic option. To use this option, you can place your phone near a speaker that is playing music. The third way to connect to music is the aux-in function. You can connect an auxiliary cord from a speaker directly to the Trimlight controller. Choose the option that works for you and create a musical light display to celebrate the 4th of July! You can learn more about music connectivity options on our resource page.

Schedule your lights ahead of the holidays with the calendar feature.

You can easily schedule your lights for every upcoming holiday and occasion including the 4th of July! To prepare your lights for the upcoming holiday, open the calendar feature in the Trimlight Edge App. Select the month and days you want to display your Patriotic pattern, choose the Independence Day pattern or a custom pattern from your library, and designate on and off times for your lights. Your red, white, and blue pattern will also work well for other holidays. You can also schedule your patriotic light pattern for Labor Day, Veterans Day, and Memorial Day. Spending a few minutes scheduling your lights takes the task off your plate in advance, so you can focus on celebrating!

The Trimlight permanent LED lighting system offers endless customization options. No matter how you plan to celebrate this year, you can quickly prepare your home for the 4th of July. Head to the Trimlight Edge app and start designing now!

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LED lights on a house. Blue lights over the garage and red and white lights over the windows.

Red, white, and blue lights at the pool.

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